The little ones will enjoy this fun play area located on the 2nd exterior level, terrace area.

The park is full of colours and fun swings so the children can enjoy swinging, sliding and sharing with other children the adventures of their favourite comic characters: Pocoyó, Loula, Pajaroto, Pato and Elly.

The original designs of the Parque de Pocoyó recreate the essence of Pocoyó, both visually and with regard to the values of the content.
It has a rubber floor and the Certificate of Safety in accordance with the requirements of the UNE standards. Likewise, the area includes elements among which are seesaws or slides. Specifically, it is made up of a `Árbol trepa de Pajaroto ́, `Casita Elly ́, `Tobogán Loula ́, `Coche Pocoyó ́, `Muelle Pocoyó ́, balancín, `Columpios Pocoyo ́ and `Pocoyó indicador ́.