Mesón Los Verdes

Mesón Los Verdes

Level 2 Local 11a

91 738 96 26

From Monday to Sunday
from 12:00 p.m. to midnight

Mesón Los Verdes

The restaurant centres both its food and its décor on Spanish culture.

As its Chef says, the Spanish restaurant industry has become fashionable in recent years around the world. Cooking at high prices with the variety and wealth of our ingredients is easy for a cook, but offering quality at lower prices is not.  They should ask our mothers and grandmothers.

At Los Verdes, we have decided to recover good cooking, not just classic cooking, with a good price, quantity and quality, and we believe we have achieved it.  But not only do we care about the dish, we also want our customers to have the pleasure of enjoying it in a pleasant atmosphere, with special service:  in summary: “In the kitchen we pamper the dishes and at the table, the customers”.